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Mo., 14. Juli



NATURE HEALING :: TE PLAYSHOP :: Growing - Showing - Connecting

Relaxed mindfulness combined with joyful play. Take a leap forward. Join the Tri-Energetics Nature Healing with healthy TE practices for body, mind & spirit. Experience real connections while continuing your journey full-on. - ENGLISH with German translation. Tuition EUR 590.- & TE Graduates €480-

NATURE HEALING :: TE PLAYSHOP  :: Growing - Showing - Connecting
NATURE HEALING :: TE PLAYSHOP  :: Growing - Showing - Connecting

Zeit & Ort

14. Juli 2025, 18:00 MESZ – 18. Juli 2025, 13:00 MESZ

Holzöstersee, Holzleithen 15, 5131 Holzleithen, Österreich

Über die Veranstaltung

The Tri-Energetics Nature Healing Playshop is an opportunity to charge your batteries, experience play and laughter with real connections. Take a chance on yourself by following your purpose and dealing with old stuff in order to learn and grow!  

We invite you to show up and embrace life :: Growing - Showing - Connecting

We start the day with a nature walk or morning yoga, a mantra and a short meditation. After a great vegetarian breakfast, we co-create our morning circle with exercises for bodily awareness, sharing and experiencing simple TE-practices or with a healing circle. We sing, dance and embrace the beautiful nature of the Austrian countryside.

Let's relax our mind-emotions, recharge our body and renew our spirit. The practice of connection works best when we open our heart. "Once we start connecting, there will be a whole different shift on this planet.“ Rickie Moore, PhD. 

During an extensive lunch break, you may use short counselling sessions to get clarity for yourself, enjoy a swim in the small pond, simply relax, spend time with yourself or in the company of others. In the afternoon circle, we offer counselling sessions in the middle, a unique opportunity to ask for support and make personal changes. For the evening circles....,well, stay curious. 

The safe setting of a TE Cirle invites you to show up in a community that is grounded in love. You get to explore the essence of who you really are and become a source to yourself and your own community. It is also a perfect opportunity to share these magical days with a loved one or spend precious time together with a dear friend.

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Curious for more practical information?

This 4-day Nature Healing TE Playshop takes place from July 14 - 18, 2025 in Franking (near Salzburg), Austria.

We’ll start on Monday at 18:00 with dinner and end on Friday at 12:00, followed by an optional lunch.

Groupleading & Counselling: Sonja Rauschütz & Sander van Hesteren

Mantras & Counselling Supervision: Henry Marshall

Music: Jeroen de Geus

Organization: Bert Boiten


Sonja Rauschütz, group leading. Member of the Tri-Energetics Institute Board, advanced TE counsellor, founder of Vienna School of Negotiation, a Harvard-trained negotiation & mediation expert, coach, trainer. Initiator of the Israeli Palestinian Negotiation Partners and the Young Negotiator Academy, Vienna University of Business Administration. Specialized in personal agility & speaking your mind with compassionate accountability... a cool woman.

Sander van Hesteren, group leading. Member of the Tri-Energetics Institute Board, advanced TE counsellor, trainer at CoachCollege De Baak, supervisor in education, facilitator of retreats and travels at True Circle and initiator of, course for holistic counseling. He is skilled in creating space for deeper levels of healing.

Henry Marshall, PhD, Mantras & Counselling supervision. Co-Founder and President of the Tri-Energetics Institute, a TE Master Trainer, and a Registered Psychologist with NIP (NL). Henry is a Western-trained clinical psychologist. He is wise in the ways of Eastern mantras and a seasoned therapist and counsellor... a heartfelt resource and an inspiring person.

Jeroen de Geus, our lead musician, Tri-Energetics counsellor, an accomplished videographer, and lead guitarist in Henry’s “Big Little Mantra Band”

Bert Boiten, our organizer, is a trained TE Counsellor, a logistics expert, and a very resourceful and open-hearted guy.

The tuition for participants is EUR 590.-  and the tuition for participating TE Graduates is EUR 480.- (no VAT applicable). We offer a number of TE SCHOLARSHIPS, please apply now and talk to us.

EARLY BIRD :: ​​You can reserve your place by booking early, meaning registering and paying by Feb 14, 2025. 

By knowing early who participates, we may have the whole house for ourselves. So, thank you for making this happen!

Tuition for participants is €500 (no VAT applicable) & tuition for participating TE Graduates is €420.- (no VAT applicable).

Come, join us. Start planning your summer holiday 2025

Experience a couple of days in a Tri-Energetics Nature Healing Playshop among peers, while continuing your own journey full-on with your body, mind and spirit.

Please registre via, call Bert via +41 79 617 1748 or follow this registration process on the website

Feel free to share about the Playshop with your friends, family, or others who might be interested.

For your accomodation, please make your early arrangements for your rooms. single, double & triple rooms with full board via :: cell +43 664 220 9268 :: tel +43 6277 8228. Delicious and healthy vegetarian food is provided. If you have special needs, please communicate directly with the Holzöstersee team. They are amazing.

Shuttle services from Salzburg airport or nearby train stations are available upon request.

What is a Tri-Energetic Playshop?

For over thirty years, Playshops were led by Rickie Moore, PhD and Henry Marshall, PhD. They inspired newcomers to dive deep into personal development and seasoned professionals to experience laughter as healing as tears. They taught Tri-Energetic practices to hundreds of people in Europe, trained TE counsellors and coaches and built a wide-spread community. 

Today, Sonja, Sander & Henry carry on organizing Playshops, offering personal work that is playful. We believe that TE-practices have a purpose in making this a better world, starting with ourselves!

TE Playshops are a powerful and fun experience, designed to give participants a new lease on life through a unique mix of psychological interventions, yoga, shamanistic ceremonies, music, and mantra chanting. They are based on three convictions: we all want inner peace, we all have something we want to change or accept, and all these things are easier to achieve in a loving supportive environment.

TE Playshops are intended to spread skills for a culture of embodied awareness, curious exploration, and compassionate accountability. They are about serving our communities through developing a sense of purpose and direction, social connection, and emotional belonging… all essential aspects of co-existing in a peaceful and inclusive way.

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