Life Is Negotiation! 
Who we are

In global markets, complex political situations and changing organisations negotiation skills, the ability to create value through cooperation and the capacity to deal with differences or conflict constructively are high in demand. We focus equally on excellent results, good working relations and efficient processes.

The Vienna School of Negotiation is a European movement to professionalize negotiation by offering

  • Customised Capacity Building Programs

  • Negotiator Facilitation Service & Negotiation Consulting

  • International Mediation and Coaching in conflict and crisis situations

  • Negotiator Agility Assessment (NAA) and Psychological Profiling of Negotiators

  • Organisational Negotiation Management (Negotiations Support Unit, Chief Negotiation Officer, ...)

  • Think Tank & Vienna School Initiatives (Non-profit)

Where we come from

The Vienna School of Negotiation was founded by Sonja Rauschütz as a European meeting point for professional negotiators interested in expanding their practice and that of their teams while in dialogue with distinguished international negotiation experts. The idea was born in the late nineties of the last century at the Program On Negotiation, where Sonja Rauschütz, then faculty member of Harvard Law School, worked as an associate with the renowned Prof. Roger Fisher. ( “Getting to Yes” or Das Harvard Konzept).


Today, the Vienna School of Negotiation has 5 partners and is a European movement to professionalize negotiations by supporting chief negotiators, negotiation support units and organisations committed to organisational and individual excellency. The focus lies equally on great results, sustainable working relations and efficient processes.​ We work mainly with highly experienced practitioners and take pride in the Young Negotiator Initiative by complementing the skills, sharpening the tools for excellent results and dealing with different people. Our cutting edge SaaS based negotiation platform offers systemic support for individuals, teams and organisations to integrate negotiation excellency into real life practice.

Life is negotiation. It's time to take control of the process and of the outcomes.  

Meeting Point
Decision Maker
Consulting, Training & 
Think Tank
We are looking for

Experienced Trainers

The Vienna School of Negotiations has been growing internationally over the last several years. We are a specialized network of experienced trainers in the field of negotiations. If you are interested to join our network or want to learn more about our projects, get in touch.

Young Negotiator Fellowship

The Vienna School of Negotiation has several high-quality capacity building programs. In addition we started initiatives in several areas. To enable young professionals to participate in these trainings or support this initiatives we have the option to become a fellow. If you are interested, get in contact.

Research Assistant

The Vienna School of Negotiation has a strong focus on the art and science of negotiations. Over time we have developed several new approaches to this topic. Currently we are preparing several research papers as well as publications. If you are interest in negotiations, get in contact.

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