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The base Promoter personality character strengths are: adaptable, persuasive, and charming


If you have a Promoter base:

  • To stimulate your listening and your interest, the person talking to you will use a firm and directive communication style.

  • You appreciate communicating with this directive style.

  • You are particularly efficient faced with challenges, difficult and new  things to do.

  • To feel good and be efficient, you require incidence i.e. lots of excitement in a short period of time. You like the high level of energy in these situations.

  • Under distress, in an interaction with others, you may be impatient and see the other as too weak.  Then, if distress increases, you could take risks i.e. for your health, personal safety or your business interests. You could become manipulative to reach your goals without due consideration for others, overstep the limits, break the rules.

  • You require a challenge or positive incidence in order to return being positively motivated and natural efficient.


If your base personality type is Promoter, then you are probably appreciated for:

  • your charm, born from your direct way of communication and your well aimed compliments. Even if you may be considered tactless, you are appreciated as a good and pleasant companion.

  • your extraordinarily ressourcefullness and your ability to get back on your feet after any setback. You will always get moving again.

  • your ability to adapt to any new situation or environment. You like change and are turned off by routine.


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