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The base Persister personality character strengths are:  dedicated, observant and conscientious


If you have a Persister base:

  • To stimulate your attention and interest, the person talking to you will communicate better through questions and exchanges of beliefs and values.

  • To feel good and be efficient, you require your convictions/beliefs to be recognized: “I admire you.” “I value your opinion.”  “What do you believe we should do?” You also require being recognized for your accomplishments: “Good work.” “Great contribution.”  “A job well done.”

  • Under light distress, in an interaction with others, you may focus on what is wrong rather than what is right; then, if distress increases, you could push beliefs, be overly suspicious and righteous: “My opinion is the only right one.”

  • You need to regain trust in the person you are talking to in order to regain your natural efficiency.


If your base personality type is Persister, then you are probably appreciated for:

  • your ability to observe and give opinions, beliefs, judgements,… about situations and persons.

  • your conscientiousness in both professional and personal life. People often admire your moral conduct and your ethics.

  • your devotion to causes, a political party, your company, etc. and your tenacity in respecting your ideals, principles and values.


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