You are ready to negotiate.

Your team too?

Do you know your status?
Take a Negotiator Agility Assessment (NAA).

The NAA determines your flexibility in negotiations, especially when it becomes difficult.
It identifies the tools, skills and talents that are available at the negotiating table. The NAA is carried out by two certified Viennese agility experts and comprises a PCM © Personality Profile Index (PPI) and a Drama Resilience Assessment ™ (DRA). Agile negotiators use their talents regardless of the circumstances, understand conflicts and deal with them constructively. Agile negotiators juggle in negotiations with the different sides, with a certain elegance to it.

1. What tools does your negotiation toolkit contain?

2. Are all your talents available and can you deal with different types of people? At any time?

3. Can you use the creative potential of conflicts or do you go into drama?


Real estate and other international projects or start-up projects are very complex and require innovative solutions.


  • High stakes and multi-issues are time-consuming and add complexity

  • The interests of the parties must be reconciled (internally and externally) in several markets and with many stakeholders

  • Financing and building regulations or intercultural requirements are important external factors

Our offer

  • Quickly diagnose what's going on with your team, including opportunities for the future

  • Interest assessment, innovative solutions and negotiation profiling

  • Reviewing and aligning existing action plans and developing innovative solutions

  • Facilitation of negotiations in critical and crisis situations

Business Solutions

If you are the owner or top manager of a company that is being sold, you have many consultants - but what about your own negotiation strategy or that of your team?

  • Match the interests of you and others & develop a common negotiation strategy

  • Analyze the interests and positions of the other parties involved

  • Get great results and keep everyone at the negotiating table without getting into the drama

Our offer

  • Detailed preparation of your negotiation strategy

  • Analysis of the interests and possibilities of your negotiating partners

  • psychological profiling of all people involved

  • Facilitation of negotiations in critical negotiations and crisis situations

Mergers & Acquisitions

International business or changes to existing contracts require a wide range of skills that balance knowledge of content, employee skills and expertise in the negotiation process.


  • Organizations only train their negotiating specialists, but have high demands because negotiations are part of everyday business

  • The working environment became interdisciplinary and multicultural, which brings new challenges

Our offer

  • tailor-made programs for managers, experienced practitioners and young negotiators

  • Implementation of a Chief Negotiation Officer (CNO) including a Negotiator Agility Assessment (NAA)

  • psychological profiling and support or establishment of your negotiation support unit (NSU)

  • Facilitation of negotiations in critical negotiations and crisis situations

Contract negotiations