Can I Trust You To Trust Me? - by Next Element

January 25, 2017

 People who are big on trust says it takes years to earn, and seconds to destroy.

This seems ironically one-sided and hypocritical to me.

I’ve spent a long time earning your trust by following through on commitments, making good on promises and being honest with you.

Now I have a few questions for you:

  1. When I make a mistake, can I trust you to forgive me?

  2. When you are surprised by a decision I make, can I trust you to ask about my motives before jumping to conclusions?

  3. When you feel afraid or embarrassed about something did, can I trust you to be transparent with me about your feelings?

Can I trust you to trust me? This is compassion. This is “struggling with.”

Trust is not static. It is given and earned every day. Over and over.

Trust starts and ends with openness.

Trust is about behavior, not expectations.


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