#InternetTrends 2015 – Diversity and Communication

May 30, 2015

Every year, Mary Meeker from KPCB presents the top #InternetTrends of the year. This is a highly recommended reading and touches very important trends and development. One even more important message came across at the end of this year’s presentation and it’s about diversity.


Here is the full quote:

One of the things I have learned about effective decision making is that the best decisions are often made by diverse groups of people.

Saying or hearing these words is magic…

‘That’s really interesting, I had never thought of it that way before. Thank you.’


This is empathic and rebellious on the one side and on the other side it is open – you know what I mean. If not, read on.


As organizations have to deal more and more with a diverse workforce, they learn to appreciate the positive impact on business. To open up communication and to reduce friction, the Vienna School of Negotiation is offering tools to enhance collaboration and empower individuals and teams. Check out the following programs: ‘Process Communication Model‘ and ‘Leading Out of Drama‘.


And this is the link to Mary Meeker’s presentation

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