What You Need To Know About The Iran Nuclear Negotiations

March 18, 2015

Eline Gordts transcribes in The Huffington Post an interview with Ali Vaez. Ali Vaez is a Senior Analyst at International Crisis Group, Iran. Before joining Crisis Group, he headed the Iran project at the Federation of American Scientists in Washington, DC, focusing on Iran’s nuclear and missile programs.


The Iran nuclear negotiations are a very complex multi-party, multi-cultural process. A lot has been published about the progress, the pitfalls and the prospects. So keeping an overview is not easy. This interview delivers a nice and up-to-date description about the current situation.


Interest of the main parties involved will be analyzed. The communication and its perception as important part of a potential commitment are highlighted. Last but not least, the unprecedented move of U.S. Republicans and its impact on negotiations are discussed. Those are the questions answered in the full article.


What do Iran and the world powers aim to accomplish with this agreement?

What is on the table today?

Do you consider this a “good” deal?

How are the negotiations perceived in Iran?

Did the letter sent by 47 Republican U.S. senators warning Tehran that the next president could revoke any agreement reached by the current White House affect Iranians’ perception of the negotiations?

The Republicans weren’t the only one to criticize the negotiations this month. In a speech to Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his case for why he considers the agreement “a bad deal.” Did Netanyahu’s speech come as a surprise to Tehran?

Do you think the negotiators will be able to come to an agreement?


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