Not always cool to stay cool in negotiations, study finds

January 16, 2015

The Medical Express published a conclusion on the recently released study „Anger suppression in negotiations: The roles of attentional focus and anger source“ in the Journal of Business and Psychology by Shao, B. et al (2014).


The findings of the study according to Shao, B. et at:

Negotiators who suppressed their anger, compared to those who did not, were less able to focus on the negotiation, which in turn decreased their negotiation performance. The indirect negative effect was only significant when negotiators suppressed anger integral rather than incidental to the negotiation.


Which led to the following implications:


The findings suggest that negotiators should be aware when it is (not) detrimental to suppress anger in negotiations. Particularly, negotiators need to be careful and may adopt strategies to maintain their attentional focus when they attempt to suppress anger that is induced by the negotiation process.


For the Vienna School of Negotiation this touches a very important aspect of negotiations: The people side. In our study about how negotiators deal with emotions, we found out that experienced negotiators need to be well aware about anger and about how to cope with it in a professional way.


Very interesting reading, highly recommended


Article in Medical Express

Link to study published in Springer Science+Business Media

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