A Handbook for Mastering Negotiating Skills

January 15, 2015

On LinkedIn, Michael Moritz, Chairman of Sequoia Capital, writes about the book „Thirteen Days in September“ by Lawrence Wright. According to Amazon „a gripping day-by-day account of the 1978 Camp David summit when President Jimmy Carter persuaded Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian president Anwar Sadat to sign the first peace treaty in the modern Middle East, one which endures to this day.“


Michael Moritz analysis the complexity of substance, people and processes in this extraordinary situation


„The peace talks, conjured out of thin air by a U.S. President steeped in biblical history, shows what it takes to juggle – an agenda; deeply entrenched protagonists; a collection of acolytes and influencers; a claustrophobic stage; and the prospect of a deadline – and produce, from this hopeless potpourri, a result which, however flawed, has prevented a war between bitter antagonists for almost two generations.“


And he comes to the conclusion


„Yet, as Lawrence Wright makes clear in Thirteen Days in September, a brilliant new work about the 1978 Camp David peace accord between Egypt and Israel, this venue is rich in lessons … [it] can also be read as a handbook on how to negotiate.“


Amazon’s description concludes „In Thirteen Days in September, Wright gives us a resonant work of history and reportage that provides both a timely revisiting of this important diplomatic triumph and an inside look at how peace is made.“


Read more in the full posting on LinkedIn

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