Iran Nuclear Talks – It’s the Tradition of Vienna as a Place for High-level Negotiations

December 21, 2014

The last time we wrote about why we are the Vienna School of Negotiation. Vienna has a long tradition of being an international location for high-level negotiations. This was true once again this year, when the Iran nuclear talks took place in Vienna.


We collected some conclusions and comments by international media. In these readings you will find all the ingredients that make up the complexity of multi-cultural negotiations. The US and Iran in direct negotiations. Canada with its interest as a bridge building country. Israel with its important and serious interests about a possible outcome. The Arab world led by Saudia Arabia with its position compared to Iran.


The comments also highlight the different interests within countries. In the US its about the positions of democrats and republicans. In Iran its about traditionalists and those who want to end the isolation of Iran.


At the end of the day this is one hot topic with high stakes. Of course this is not comprehensive and exhaustive. Nevertheless, feel free to get an quick overview.


Iran nuclear talks extended for 7 months amid impasse ahead of deadline


Nuclear Negotiations: An Iranian Perspective


Why The US Shouldn’t Be So Afraid Of The Nuclear Negotiations With Iran Collapsing


Nuclear Negotiations and Iran’s Growing Influence


Thoughts on the P5+1 negotiations with Tehran


Important Lessons from the Iran Negotiations


Why the Iran nuclear talks may end sooner than later


David Ignatius: Nuclear talks similar to labor negotiations

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