Women in Tech Are Sabotaging Themselves in Salary Negotiations, Study Suggests

November 9, 2014

„Female job applicants in the tech industry consistently undervalue their professional worth, according to a new study, suggesting that this discrepancy in self-value helps to explain why women often end up making less than their male counterparts.“ Amy Schatz reports for re/code.


Furthermore, it is remarkable that “several studies in recent years have suggested that while women in technology fields experience a pay gap, it’s generally narrower than the gaps in other industries.“


Amy Schatz concludes that „a Harvard University economist found that women in some tech jobs generally have more flexibility in where and when they work, which allows them to stay in the job market even after starting families. That, in turn, allows them to better keep up with their male counterparts when it comes to salary levels.“


Follow the link to read the full article

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