Negotiation Facilitator Program


4 x 4 days for the certified Negotiation Facilitator plus Peergroups and Supervision. Innovative Training to becoming a negotiation expert. Mandatory Negotiator Agility Assessment. The Vienna School team teaches methods such as the Harvard Concept, Process Communication Model, Leading Out of Drama & Tri-Energetics.


The certified Negotiation Facilitator Program is an innovative and practical training program for negotiating partners such as international project managers, executives, key account managers, legal experts and trouble shooters of all kinds. Within a year, you can broaden your personal negotiation repertoire with the methods of the Harvard concept, Process Communication® and others Methods of the Vienna School of Negotiation.




  • Expand and hone your negotiation skills under the guidance of experienced negotiators. Increase your perception within negotiation processes and your professional negotiation know-how.

  • Train and strengthen your personal resources in a combination of intensive training and individual coaching.

  • Your personal experience in negotiations, your thought process and your personal case studies are key aspects of the training to ensure lasting changes in your experience.



Target Audience

C-Level, CEOs

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Lawyers, Innovators



Operative negotiations (e.g. project management, sales, purchasing, key accounts,...)


Policy makers, NGOs

High potentials



Your Profit

As a certified Negotiation Facilitator you have access to a unique tool set. You will be able to support negotiations and people through difficult situations with exceptional success.


You will improve daily professional and personal negotiations as well as interpersonal relationships.

Ministry of Economy, FYROM

The NFP was excellent! It was a unique experience. I should have participated in the program earlier. The knowledge gained applies to both private and professional areas. I often use the tools I have and find them appealing. Many thanks to the teaching team of the Vienna School and especially to Sonja!

Prof. Dr. Sci. Goran Cogelja, cabinet adviser

European Energy Community

This training goes beyond the skills needed to be a good negotiator. It changes your mindset and brings you out of your comfort zone, which is shaped by your studies and your profession. I started doing things differently and better from day one.

Dr. Dirk Buschle, deputy director


Weichert/Mehner Consulting

Negotiation skills are like muscle training. Regular training brings the necessary resilience to negotiate really good results. The Negotiation Facilitator is an intensive training program for tried and tested negotiators who want to get even better. The unique program deepens the basics, it conveys new methods and tools, there is room for reflection and trains challenging negotiation situations.

Herbstdaten in Planung
Location is TBD
6th Negotiation Facilitator Program - Module 3

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In welchem ​​Zeitraum findet das Programm statt?

Die Themen sind in 4 Module unterteilt und werden an insgesamt 16 Tagen unterrichtet. Die Supervision, Peer Group Meetings und das Studium der Literatur dauern weitere vier Tage.

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