Leading Out Of Drama® by Next Element
Transform your energy-consuming dramas into
successful cooperation and healthy conflict behaviour

C-Level, CEOs

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Lawyers, Innovators




Drama is what happens when people struggle against each other and themselves, with or without awareness, to feel justified about their negative behavior.

Have you invested time and resources in developing your new vision or defining your goals? Why hasn't anything changed?

Do you have a very qualified team, but spend a lot of time with endless discussions and competition instead of working with a focus? Why does negative energy shape your cooperation?

LOD equips you with skills to transform the energy of conflict into meaningful contribution, every day, in every interaction, for powerful personal and professional development. Don’t shy away from conflict; use it!

As part of your training or coaching you will gain insight into your personal drama-tendencies thanks to your personal Drama Resilience Assessments (DRA) and hence be able to create a plan of action to lead yourself and others out of drama. 

Leading out of Drama™: BASICS

The Leading Out of Drama® (LOD®) model for Compassionate Accountability has raised the bar and filled a much-needed gap for those seeking practical behavioral solutions to engage conflict in productive, healthy ways.

Leading out of Drama™: DIAGNOSTICS

In organisations the costs of drama are staggering, the waste of resources and the behavior is contagious. That means it is up to people to identify invitations to drama patterns quickly and change the game, so that the creative potential of conflict can be used. The one-day- LOD™ Diagnostics seminar includes many excersies and focuses on building an plan of action. 

Leading Out of Drama™: INTRA – PERSONAL CONFLICT

LOD™ Intra – Personal Conflict aims at strengthening your resilience. You will gain insight into your own behavior patterns and master your potential. You will identify and use opportunities for personal growth and build the basis for dealing with conflict in a constructive manner and with compassion. 

Leading Out of Drama™: INTER – PERSONAL CONFLICT

LOD™ Inter-Personal Conflict is about the positive power of compassion in conflict or drama and you will gain insight into interpersonal as well as systemic dynamics. Lead your team out of drama and create an organisation with strengthened trust, clear responsibilities and personal engagement.

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Lawyers, Innovators

C-Level, CEOs





Leading out of Drama™ supports executives and their teams to:

  • Identify drama-behavior and the consequences on individual behavior patterns

  • Strengthen own perceptions and individual responsibility to avoid drama

  • Create common guidelines to ensure a drama-free atmosphere

  • Speak about important topics constructively in a conflict situation and be able to solve them

  • Promote innovation, goal orientation and the process of change

  • Make decisions with clear responsibilities in an efficient manner

Upoming Dates

Leading Out of Drama

3. - 4. December 2018, Vienna (German)

EUR 1.399,- - 1.499,-


Policy makers, NGOs

Operative negotiations (e.g. project management, sales, purchasing, key accounts,...)



High Potentials

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LOD® also possible as Inhouse Program?

The Vienna School of Negotiation offers flexible programming depending on participant numbers. For a tailored offer in terms of size, language, location and content, please contact our office in Vienna.

Are there any special offers for large groups?

For groups from organisiations we offer special prices as well as the possibility of customization in terms of teaching content. For further information, please contact our office in Vienna.