You are prepared to negotiate

And so is your team?

Do you know your status?

Take a Negotiator Agility Assessment (NAA) 

The NAA determines your agility in negotiations, especially when the going gets tough. It identifies the tools, skills and talents available at the negotiation table. 

The NAA is conducted by two certified Vienna School Agility Experts and includes a PCM© Personality Profile Index (PPI) and a Drama Resilience Assessment™(DRA).

Agile negotiators use their given talents regardless of the circumstance, they understand and deal with conflict constructively. Agile negotiators juggle the different sides in negotiations. with some elegance.

  • What tools are in your negotiator toolkit?

  • Are all your talents available and can you deal with different types of people? Any time?

  • Can you use the creative potential of conflict or do you go into drama?


Our consulting practice focuses on two areas: organisational projects and and specific negotiation cases. First, we help small and large companies and organisations to develop processes, skills and structures to sustainably raise their negotiation performance to a world class level. Secondly, we advise our clients throughout the whole process of a specific negotiation case they are in, from preparation or meeting strategy design to managing the human side.


In a Negotiation Agility  Assessment, we take a look at your organisation's agility status based on interviews and selected individual Negotiator Agility Assessments. When advising on a specific negotiation a quick We assess individual and organisational core competencies to help understand what is going on and focus your resources in negotiations.

  • This stage concludes with recommendations and an action plan.



We help establish your Negotiation Support Center and co-create an organisational negotiation culture by aligning operational procedures and people management skills with a well-tested negotiation approach. Define your success criteria building on your experience and international best practice

  • Sharpen the toolbox of your negotiation teams

  • Support the chief negotiator as well as that of the involved experts. 



Sustain your organisational practice by implementing defined strategies, inspiring people to share their skills and by using the benefits the Vienna School IT-based toolkit.

We debrief lessons learned of what worked well and what you would do differently into your own best practice.

  • Encourage professional exchange between your negotiation practitioners.

  • It is people who make the difference.


Contract Negotiations  (e.g. Brexit, long-term partners, annual contracts)

International deals or the change or renewal of existing contracts require a broad skill set balancing content knowledge, people skills and negotiation process expertise​.

  • organisations merely train their professionals for negotiations but have high requirements as negotiation is part of everyday business (e.g. projects, leading teams, cooperating with external and internal partners, managing difficulties constructively)

  • work environment became interdisciplinary and multi-cultural which poses new challenges

  • often skills training programs focus on content knowledge and address the people side only by "storytelling and tactics", rarely with a profound psychological knowledge of how people are motivated and behave in distress.


Our offer

  • customised programs for executives, experienced practitioners and young negotiators 

  • implementing a Chief Negotiation Officer (CNO) including a Negotiator Agility Assessment (NAA)

  • psychological profiling and the support or set up of your Negotiation Support Unit (NSU)

  • negotiation facilitation in critical negotiations and crisis situations

Want support?

Business solutions (e.g. Real Estate, international projects, strategic key accounts, entrepreneurs, ...)

Real Estate and other international projects or start-up endeavours bear a high level of complexity and require innovative solutions.

  • high stakes and multi-issues are time consuming and add complexity

  • parties' interests have to be aligned (internally and externally) within several markets and with many stakeholder

  • financing & construction regulations or cross-cultural demands are important external factors 


Our offer

  • quick diagnostic of what is going on with your team including ways forward

  • assessments of interests, innovative solutions and negotiator profiling

  • review and alignment of existing action plans and development of innovative solutions

  • negotiation facilitation in critical and crisis situations

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you’re the owner or top manager of a company that’s being sold you have many advisors – but what about you own negotiation strategy or that of your team?

  • Align the interests of you and the other shareholders / managers and develop a joint negotiation strategy

  • Analyze the interests and positions of the other involved parties, like potential buyers or investment bankers, lawyers, business consultants or financial advisors

  • Get to excellent results and keep everyone at the negotiation table without going into drama


Our offer

  • Detailed preparation of your negotiation strategy

  • Analysis of the interests and options of your negotiation partners

  • psychological profiling of all people involved

  • negotiation facilitation in critical negotiations and crisis situations